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[Tutorial] Problem Solved: How to Unbrick MTK devices(infinix,Tecno, Innjoo and others)

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Guys you can now say bye bye to your bricked MTK devices as I am about to introduce to you a confirm tutorial tested by me on several MTK devices on how to Unbrick your bricked devices  it is similar to other tutorials(spflashtool) but different in some aspect .

What is Brick?

Brick: Brick means your phone can't boot up and you can only recover it with for example flash the stock rom.
Altering the operating system of your phone in a way that causes the mobile device to become unusable results in a bricked, or inoperable phone. Bricking of phone can be done by a Hacker and via one or more update.

Types of Brick

1. Soft Brick:- you can still turn your phone on but it doesnt really start (bootloop i think is a kind of soft brick and you can see this link for a fix https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-2079.html ).

2. Hard Brick - you can't turn your phone on and it doesnt really start, you don't get any response from it.
- only rif jtag can save you if you get this kind of brick

How  To Unbrick Any  MTK Devices

I discovered that most problem people get when trying to fix their bricked MTK devices is that {Preloader driver} is missing on their PC and if Preloader driver is missing on your PC am sorry you won't be able to get your phone back to it normal/factory state. Follow my step by step guide on how to install Preloader drivers and unbrick your MTK devices successfully. I wish I could upload it but no time just do this yourself it is very easy and only from your device you can get it from trust me.

Requirements :

* PC  and USB Cable
*Preloader Drivers
*Stock Roms of your bricked device (you can ask the admin for permission to download your stock ROM by providing a valid gmail address) for infinix zero 16/2Gb  users download this stock ROM for your device goo.gl/qxiss7 or https://mega.co.nz/#!L9oC2TKD!1ssKKI_aH_...yKvVIQ6vl8 .
Note:- after downloading make sure you UnZip(Extract) the File.
*Spflashtool Version 5

1. Installation of the Preloader driver

Make sure your phone is rooted with CWM and if  Root and CWM is not on your device before brick try to get the same type of your phone that has Root access and CWM and backup the stock ROM using MTKDROID Tool ( check hovatek forum on how to use Mtkdroidtool.
*To install the Preloader driver Boot your phone to CWM recovery mode by pressing the (Power+volume up ) and connect your phone to PC while the booting to cwm is still on(in progress).
Note :-
Take a closer look at your PC you will see the driver icon at the tray panel loading the preloader driver.

2. Flashing with SPFLASHTOOL Version 5

-Disconnect your phone if connected with USB to the PC, and turn OFF the phone completely, also take out the battery if possible (but can also work with the battery inside the phone, for phones with builtin battery).
-Start Flash_tool.exe run as administrator
-Now hit the "Scatter-loading" button, and locate where you download your stock rom, inside the folder load the scatter.txt file.
-When the scatter file is loaded, it will show all the content in the Spflashtool window.
- Hit the "Download" button in Spflashtool. Then there should be some color lines with colors showing that it loads the files, in some cases not necessary. Wait 30 secs and
- Connect your phone with the USB cable, remember the phone must be OFF (and without the battery inside if possible to remove).
- Now wait while it flashes all files, when it is done, a window will popup white a Green circle. Now you can disconnect the cable, close Splflashtool and reboot the phone. The phone should now boot up with the Stock ROM.

A good thing to be done is full factory reset after your booted or do it in CWM, to clear all caches. But not necessary.

mtchew,,,,rubbish,,,how can u boot into recovery wen its hard bricked...admin delete this guy
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(08-04-2015, 08:19 PM)j2rex Wrote: mtchew,,,,rubbish,,,how can u boot into recovery wen its hard bricked...admin delete this guy

you didn't read the OP's guide closely. the guide is on fixing bricked phones, not fixing hard bricked phones.
a phone could be soft or hard bricked as the OP said.
So I think what you should do is seek clarification , not criticize.
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(08-04-2015, 08:19 PM)j2rex Wrote: mtchew,,,,rubbish,,,how can u boot into recovery wen its hard bricked...admin delete this guy

Hello there,

If your device is hard bricked then this guide will not work for you surely.
I had searched for hard brick and come to know that it is not hard to fix hard brick devices if your device is MTK chipset.

I can't explain all the things right here that's why i am sharing few link that will help you fixing your device in case of hard brick MTK and Non MTK devices.

Links that might solve your problem.
For MTK devices

1. Unbrick your mtk device post guide by XDA developers
2. How to unbrick any Mediatek MTK Smartphone using SP Flash Tool

For non MTK devices
1. Unbrick snapdragon device

Note: These links are not of mine and are given for your guidance only

Thanks me when your phone is fixed.
Big Grin


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