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[Tutorial] How to find or update (missing) drivers on a Windows PC using Driver Booster


Drivers are software which enable your Windows PC communicate with hardware. You might run into driver problems (e.g WLAN Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Graphics, Audio errors) as a result of Operating System (OS) corruption, formatting, upgrading or reinstalling your PC's OS. 

Finding the right driver for your Windows PC could be a daunting task not only because the drivers are Windows version specific but also because you might not find them on your PC manufacturer's website. This guide will explain how to easily get working drivers for your PC.


Steps to install missing drivers or update old drivers

  1. After installing the application, click Scan Now

    [Image: How-to-find-or-update-drivers-on-a-Windo...ster-1.jpg]

  2. Wait while the tool scans your PC for missing or old drivers

    [Image: How-to-find-or-update-drivers-on-a-Windo...ster-2.jpg]

  3. Once the scan is complete, you'll be presented with a list of missing or old drivers to be installed or updated

    [Image: How-to-find-or-update-drivers-on-a-Windo...ster-3.jpg]

  4. Tick the drivers you wish to install from the list and click Update Now

    [Image: How-to-find-or-update-drivers-on-a-Windo...ster-4.jpg]

  5. Click OK once prompted

    [Image: How-to-find-or-update-drivers-on-a-Windo...ster-5.jpg]

  6. Wait while the driver(s) get(s) downloaded

    [Image: How-to-find-or-update-drivers-on-a-Windo...ster-6.jpg]

  7. The tool will create a restore point (in case you wish to do a system restore) then install the driver(s)

    [Image: How-to-find-or-update-drivers-on-a-Windo...ster-7.jpg]

  8. Reboot the PC once completed

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