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[Tutorial] How to enable / unhide the IMEI write menu in Infinity Chinese Miracle II (CM2)

(This post was last modified: 02-28-2018, 08:35 AM by hovatek. )

By default, the IMEI write option is disabled in Infinity Chinese Miracle II (CM2) modules like CM2MTK, CM2SPD, CM2QLM etc. This is because they're set to UK edition. You need to disable this.


  • Internet connection
  • PC
  • Infinity CM2 dongle

Steps to show hidden IMEI write option in Infiity CM2

  1. Connect the dongle to your PC via the USB port
  2. Download and install Infinity Dongle Manager (Smart-card Manager) at https://www.infinity-box.com/support/?s=3
  3. Extract the contents of the zip, open the Dongle Manager folder and run DongleManager.exe
  4. Click on the Serial Number (S/N) tab
  5. In the dropdown, select Set "UK Edition" Option Off then click Process
  6. Relaunch your CM2 Module once this is done
  7. If you still don't have the IMEI  menu then navigate to C:\InfinityBox\TheModuleFolder (e.g CM2SPD) and delete a text file named "UK" or "UK.ON" if it exists
  8. If you still don't have the IMEI menu then navigate to C:\InfinityBox\TheModuleFolder (e.g CM2QLM) and paste the UK.OFF file attached at the end of this post (ensure to unzip after downloading)

[Image: How-to-enable-unhide-the-IMEI-write-menu...II-CM2.jpg]

Attached Files
.zip   UK.OFF.zip (Size: 110 bytes / Downloads: 3)
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