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[Tutorial] How to write IMEI, Bluetooth & MAC address to a Mediatek device using Infinity CM2MTK

(This post was last modified: 02-18-2018, 03:20 AM by hovatek. )

This guide will explain how to write IMEI, Bluetooth or WiFi / MAC address to a Mediatek (MTK) Android device using Infinity Chinese Miracle II (CM2) MTK. You can find other methods at https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-116.html . If you have Unknown Baseband (refer to https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-21069.html for how to check) then ensure to resolve it first by reflashing the firmware.


Steps to write IMEI, Bluetooth or WiFi / MAC address to a Mediatek (MTK) Android device using Infinity Chinese Miracle II MTK (CM2MTK) module

See the video tutorial below or at https://youtu.be/YauX5e4d16g

  1. Launch CM2MTK

    [Image: How-to-write-IMEI-to-a-Mediatek-Android-...-MTK-1.jpg]

  2. Select the device's chipset under Settings > CPU (refer to https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-13054.html )

    [Image: How-to-write-IMEI-to-a-Mediatek-Android-...-MTK-2.jpg]

  3. Click the Security tab

    [Image: How-to-write-IMEI-to-a-Mediatek-Android-...-MTK-3.jpg]

  4. Depending on what you wish to write, tick the appropriate box(es) under Security / IMEI and enter the IMEI(s) / address(es) you intend to write

    [Image: How-to-write-IMEI-to-a-Mediatek-Android-...-MTK-4.jpg]

  5. Under Repair Mode, select CM2 Permanent

    [Image: How-to-write-IMEI-to-a-Mediatek-Android-...-MTK-5.jpg]

  6. Click Write Security

    [Image: How-to-write-IMEI-to-a-Mediatek-Android-...-MTK-6.jpg]

  7. Once the tool shows Wait for phone..., power off the Mediatek device (with battery inserted and not holding any button) and connect to the PC via a USB cord

    [Image: How-to-write-IMEI-to-a-Mediatek-Android-...-MTK-7.jpg]

  8. The device should get detected, do not interrupt the process

    [Image: How-to-write-IMEI-to-a-Mediatek-Android-...-MTK-8.jpg]

  9. You should get a done message once the IMEI / WiFi or MAC / Bluetooth address has been successfully written

    [Image: How-to-write-IMEI-to-a-Mediatek-Android-...-MTK-9.jpg]

  10. Disconnect the device and power up to confirm

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