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BLACKVIEW S8 not start after update


(03-01-2018, 05:53 PM)plam1972 Wrote: This is the link from the official site. This firmware I tried

Guess you'll need to wait for the new phone to arrive
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At me a question to the representative. new smart phones block from what or interventions. So it happened with S8.
The fact is that many smartphone users can not imagine life without root rights. blocking and disabling the bootloader mode in the phone S8 does not provide an opportunity to get root access
I think that because of this inconvenience, you can lose a lot of potential customers. Many when they learn about the impossibility of modifying and customizing the official software, they simply refuse to purchase this particular model.
I would like to ask you to still unlock the bootloader in subsequent updates, because for many users it is very important to have root rights and full access to the android system.
in the P2 phone, you even integrated the root in the official firmware, why are you blocking all approaches to the system on all new models?
with the help of root rights can be very much to correct in the system, for example, Russian localization is very "curve" it can be corrected without developers
a lot of useful things can be done with the help of Routes and TWRP but on your new models the use of TWRP is not possible.
I apologize for my English, I use an online translator

This is written in a forum blackview.I think the phone is locked.I wrote in the forum but nobody answers me.

If anyone can help please write.

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