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[Tutorial] How to bypass FRP on a Qualcomm Android phone using Infinity CM2 QLM

(This post was last modified: 03-17-2018, 05:07 PM by hovatek. )

If you do a factory reset while signed into your Google Account (Settings > Accounts) on a Qualcomm Android phone then you might be asked to input the credentials of the Google account (associated with the phone) on boot. This is called Factory Reset Protection or FRP. This guide will explain how to bypass FRP using Infinity Chinese Miracle II QLM.


Steps to bypass FRP on a Qualcomm Android phone using Infinity CM2 QLM

See the video tutorials below or at https://youtu.be/z0pyUOYqQnM

  1. Launch Infinity CM2QLM

    [Image: How-to-bypass-FRP-on-a-Qualcomm-Android-...-QLM-1.jpg]

  2. In the dropdown under Reset Setting / Format, select FULL WIPE (USER/CACHE/FRP)

    [Image: How-to-bypass-FRP-on-a-Qualcomm-Android-...-QLM-2.jpg]

  3. Click the Format FS / Reset Settings button

    [Image: How-to-bypass-FRP-on-a-Qualcomm-Android-...-QLM-3.jpg]

  4. Once you see Wait for phone... power off the phone (still with battery in), hold both Volume buttons then connect to the PC via a USB cord; this is EDL Mode

    [Image: How-to-bypass-FRP-on-a-Qualcomm-Android-...-QLM-4.jpg]

  5. The phone should get detected

    [Image: How-to-bypass-FRP-on-a-Qualcomm-Android-...-QLM-5.jpg]

  6. You should get a Done message once FRP has been removed. The phone should reboot, boot it up if it doesn't

    [Image: How-to-bypass-FRP-on-a-Qualcomm-Android-...-QLM-6.jpg]

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