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How to make antenna and is this port for gsm/3g antenna?

(This post was last modified: 03-08-2018, 05:37 PM by nijazxp. )

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My lg x150 has weak 3g/hspa signal. What can I do? I had another phone lg e400 and unlike this one it had strong 3g signal. I tested 2 more phones, but only lg e400 had strong signal. Reading in android secret menu *#*#4636#*#* in both android phones was same for signal, it was varying from- 95 to -105 dbm. Meaning both phones show exactly same signal, but in one it is strong in another it is weak. Probably wrong reading. This phone gets signal only in some parts of room and even than it's two line at maximum. Lg e400 had always stable signal of at least 3 lines. There is various software on google play, but all of them are fake/useless, as signal is hardware/telecommunications/external problem.

I watched guides on youtube how to make antenna. And most talk about putting one wire in that port near battery, that has metal shell, plastic, and metal center. I think that is for antenna for sim card, correct? All my 4 phones have that port. But i think antenna works using two wires, not one, so most of youtube videos are wrong. One man explained that for antenna to work at least two wires are needed and they must not be parallel to each other, at least at end of cable. But maybe it's wrong because how then headphones work as antenna for radio? Also one tv had antenna which was only one wire (maybe two inside it parallel to each other).

How antenna is made? What is theory? Can I use some long wire or headphones? Is it two wires separated or one wire or two combined into one,  shell and center used as connection??? Please, i need just a bit more stable signal. My internet disconnects every few minutes, then signal reappears, but in lg e400 it is perfect. I use android phones only as modems via tethering and use internet on laptop.

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