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Android says charging but the battery is actually discharging

(This post was last modified: 05-05-2014, 05:50 PM by hovatek. )

If you find yourself in a situation where your Android shows the charging sign when connected to a power source and doesn't only not charge but the battery actually drains then here are a few fixes

Different charger
It's possible that the charger is defective / not powerful enough. Consider trying another charger

Try removing the battery for 15 seconds then slotting back in

Disable battery consumer(s)
Go to Settings > Battery and check for the biggest battery consumers. Take necessary actions

Factory reset
Do a factory reset in recovery mode.

Different battery
The battery might be worn out. Test a different battery.

Revert to stock ROM
If flashing a custom ROM resulted in this issue then consider reverting to the stock ROM

Check USB port
The USB port might be clogged with dust or broken.


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