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[Please help] Hp 6735s. Laptop Not displaying anyting on screen and not booting up.


My laptops model is Hp 6735s

This laptop was working perfectly yesterday not until today after church I watched a movie with it and on watching the screen just went black with background light. Then I forced shut it down by holding power key and turned it back on again but to my suprise it turns on only showing light on the power key and wifi key as usual but the unusual thing is that d screen doesn't even lightup and caps lock key blinks blue 5times and stops and also , the light for HDD blinks yellow continously ..

Iv tried taking off ram , HDD , battery
Waiting a while and re fixing them back 

Still booted but d same problem

Also tried leaving it to cool down for 4 hours but still not booting up

Please what could be the cause of this problem ?

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When my brother had a similar issue, it turned out to be his VGA. you can read this tutorial @ https://blog.hovatek.com/how-to-fix-a-co...p-or-boot/ , it helped a lot
Seems I should just open it up and use a hairdrier on the board ?
(04-13-2015, 05:07 AM)Nonzo53 Wrote: Seems I should just open it up and use a hairdrier on the board ?
not a great idea. take it for hardware repairs.

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Thanks br0 ill do that nd get back to you sir


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