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[Tutorial] How to Enable Missing Hibernate Mode in Windows 8/8.1 Power Menu


There is one common issue on windows 8/8.1. The "Hibernate" option is disabled in the power menu. The power menu doesn't show Hibernate Option. It contains Sleep, Shutdown and Restart options only as shown in following screenshot:
Many windows 8/8.1 users are not aware that Hibernation Option is available in windows 8/8.1 because the option is hidden (Microsoft simply disabled it).
The Hibernate Option can be added back to power menu. To get the missing hibernate option back in Windows 8/8.1, just follow the simple steps below:
1. PressWindows + Wkey to open the settings search menu. Then search forPower Optionsand select.
2. At the left side, click onChoose what the power buttons dooption, and a dialogue box would appear, then selectChange settings that are currently unavailableoption.
3. Now, scroll down to theShutdown Settingsand you'll notice that "Hibernate" option is unchecked.
4. CheckHibernatebox, then applySave Changes.
That is it. The hibernation mode of your system will enable immediately and no more hidden in your windows 8/8.. So whenever you want to hibernate your System, simply press "Alt+F4" keys together as usual and you should see Hibernate Mode in the list displayed or move the Cursor to the upper-right corner of your Windows 8/8.1 Screen on your System, then click onSettings=>Power Optionand you should see hibernation mode in the list

What about Windows 7
follow d procedure

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