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“broom error : S_DL_PMT_ERR_NO_SPACE (5069)”

(This post was last modified: 06-07-2015, 09:49 AM by yesh2507. Edit Reason: spell mistake )

(04-21-2015, 11:56 AM)hovatek Wrote:
(04-21-2015, 11:44 AM)kr35 Wrote: Hmmm.. okay. I already used SP Flash Tool 3.1352.01 (5.1352.01), and it gives the same error, the difference with SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1316.0.150 is, the error dialog box. There is no hints for the new version.

So.. my EMMC crashed.. okay.... thx for make me sure about this.

oh yeah, one last question, what is the posibble cause for this EMMC crashed? because i see there is alot of cases that similar, even in my country...

seems to be faulty chips. some just get fried after some time. this case is getting really common.
sp flash tool error 5069 and 2004 are top on our list ATM
Any luck on solving this issue?? I am facing the same issue with my microimax a116 mobile.

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