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8 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To Windows 8.1


As you know, Microsoft has responded to the
not well loved Windows 8, and provided a great
upgrade to it . Even if it's hard to upgrade your
PC from the successful and most used version ,
Windows 7, here's eight reasons why you
should do it.

Right-click the Start button to get access links to
important functions and built-in operating
system utilities. Restart, shutdown, control
panel, task manager is now just a click away.

In Windows 8.1 you can not only select multiple
applications on the Start-Menu, but also
uninstall them in one click. To do this, right-
click and select Uninstall from the bottom menu.

In Windows 8, all the tiles of new programs
were added to the last screen that was not
always convenient. Now you get the
opportunity to automatically sort the
applications by several parameters: the date of
installation, frequency of use and by category.
To do this, click on the arrow icon in the bottom
left corner and select from the menu the desired
sort order.

Windows Key+Q : search everywhere or
within an open app (if the app supports app

Windows Key+F : as in the previous case shows
the search bar, but now it will be limited on the

Windows Key+H : allows you to share the any
item that you are currently working on. For
example, when viewing pictures this
combination will provide a convenient way to
quickly send it by e-mail.

If you use Windows on the desktop, then it
seems clear your desire meet with the new
smaller start screen, which is designed for
tablets. It is encouraging that the developers
have gone to meet us in this desire and added a
new items to the taskbar window.
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