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How to remove the battery of a SWIFT 4G LTE Hub

(This post was last modified: 04-27-2015, 01:10 AM by hovatek. )

# See the video tutorial below or @ https://youtu.be/rX_K2uN4VIM


* Get the SWIFT 4G LTE hub and a flat tipped prying tool

[Image: how-to-remove-swift-hub-battery-1.jpg]

* Flip the hub on its back and place your thumb on the back cover

[Image: how-to-remove-swift-hub-battery-2.jpg]

* Slide the back cover to the right

[Image: how-to-remove-swift-hub-battery-3.jpg]

* You should now see the battery

[Image: how-to-remove-swift-hub-battery-4.jpg]

* Lift the battery from the bottom

[Image: how-to-remove-swift-hub-battery-5.jpg]

* Take out the battery (don't pull on the cord too hard)

[Image: how-to-remove-swift-hub-battery-6.jpg]

* Drop the battery beside the hub

[Image: how-to-remove-swift-hub-battery-7.jpg]

* Take note of the port where the battery fits into the hub

[Image: how-to-remove-swift-hub-battery-8.jpg]

* Take note of the 3 clips on the hub which hold the battery firmly in place (indicated with three red arrows)

[Image: how-to-remove-swift-hub-battery-9.jpg]

* Place the prying tool just above the middle fastener

[Image: how-to-remove-swift-hub-battery-10.jpg]

* Press the battery clip to the side (against the body of the hub) to free it from the fasteners and push it upwards at the same time

[Image: how-to-remove-swift-hub-battery-11.jpg]

* Keep applying the sideways+upwards push and you should see the battery clip coming out gradually

[Image: how-to-remove-swift-hub-battery-13.jpg]

* The battery clip should now be free

[Image: how-to-remove-swift-hub-battery-14.jpg]

* Here's what the battery clip looks like

[Image: how-to-remove-swift-hub-battery-15.jpg]

* You're done

[Image: how-to-remove-swift-hub-battery-16.jpg]
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