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[Suggestion] Tell us how to serve you better


adeyanju Wrote:am feeling good on dis ur site, i salute u guys may God bless u

Thanks for your feedback

engris Wrote:the pleasure is all mine. this is a good platform for great and serious minded fellow to get help for personal and other forms of assistance. truly HAVOTEK is a grt place to be for best assistance. my little contribution would be towards the ease of access to major firmwares for up-coming engr like mydlself, we would appreciate that the links to downloading files are more easier to access. keep up d grt work. God bless u. ONE LUV

Thanks for your feedback
smachizo Wrote:I like your android app but it take more mb from my internet date.
That's why I prefer use the browser to connect to Hovatek

Our mobile app doesnt consume much data. Go to Settings > Data usage to check the data usage by each of your apps
vince85 Wrote:your service is great and helping alot

Thanks for your feedback
solokihiu Wrote:just encourage members to give feedback if the methods suggested worked or not.include a thanks button so as one cann know by how many thanks feedback if the solution workes.

Thanks for your feedback
maikolad Wrote:Infact this forum is doing wonderfully well and has been helping me a lot. Have even decided to upgrade to premium next week.the area I think you should look into now is samsung. Thanks a million
thanks for your feedback
ian kamau Wrote:services are quite good,am not complaining at all

Thanks for your feedback
droidmobitech Wrote:if you really want to help people then, you ve got to make your ROMS access very simple. we dont need a lot steps to download rom files for flashing/unbricking.

xda developers and gsm forum dont even do such things

You've raised a valid point. I however need to bring something to your attention.
Our pockets are not as deep as that of XDA or GSM forum you've just compared us to. We don't have as many endorsements as they do and we don't have as many connections as they do.
That being said, we don't think Its a good idea to do things the way XDA and GSM forum do them just because that's the way they do them.
Every company should have its own business model. It would be suicidal adopting a model that doesn't work for you just because others do.
It does cost money to maintain Hovatek and the bulk of that money comes from our Premium membership package.
We plan to lift the downloads restriction soon but in the mean time, we ask that you please try to see things from our own perspective as we've seen from yours by making the files available to non-Premium members even though they were originally meant for Premium members only.

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