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[Downloads] Collection of Tecno stock ROMs / firmware

(11-17-2014, 02:34 PM)affiqu Wrote: sir
we really appreciate your effort.
i need performition to access tecno h5 rom file download


dupril Wrote:pls give me access to tecno d5 mtk rom [email protected]
its on lockdown for now
kerewoi Wrote:need tecno m3 flash files

CWM or MTK? New OS or Old OS?
Preccybiks Wrote:permission to download l3 stock rom
Thanks for solvina a lot of problems.i would like to request for permission to download the rom for tecno d5,the email is [email protected]
pks i'd like to request permission for the tecno phantom A f7 mtk backup
requeat permission tecno f7 mtk bavkup files pls
hovat Wrote:
udosys Wrote:Hi,

I need this mtk backup download to work on my techno p5.

Your forum is educative and supportive.

Thank you.
please, supply a gmail address for us to grant

Thank you for your timely response. My email address is [email protected]

As requested above, I need

1. Clockwork download for my Tecno P5

2. MTK Backup download for my Tecno P5

Thank you for your educative and instructive forum.

hovatek Wrote:
Austynbest Wrote:Please grant me permission to download Tecno M3 backup files.Thanks.Austynbest

MTK or CWM? New OS or Old OS?

Please grant me permission to download Tecno M3 MTK new OS backup files.Thanks.Austynbest
Please, I'll like to know how soon Tecno N7 MTK backup will be available. I can't see any working Tecno N7 around.

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