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[Downloads] Collection of Tecno stock ROMs / firmware

thierno diallo Wrote:please, could you give me
permission to download Tecno
P 5 stock rom ( mtk

we already granted cwm backup. please, request again in 12 hours.

charlesace Wrote:permission to download m3 stock rom
cwm or mtk? old os or new?
blaisec Wrote:permission to download tecno m5 stock rom

cwm or mtk?
teboy Wrote:Hello I'd like to download Tecno D5 mtk backup.
its on lockdown for now
belvacruiz Wrote:Please I need l3 Mtk backup permision .... my email is [email protected] .... ....username is belvacruiz.
elderpaje Wrote:
elderpaje Wrote:P/s Allow me to download m7 master.

please, supply a gmail address
joseraji Wrote:hi admin, please could you give me pemission to download tecno M3 stock (old) stock rom. thank you

Davianex Wrote:Please I need the stock rom..... Pleaseeee
which exactly?
chimexboy96 Wrote:please alow me to download tecno h5 rom
joshsville Wrote:i request for permission to download roms from your site through google drive
thats the wrong place to request. this is where you should be requesting

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