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Airtel Re-introduced Android 1+1 Offer-You Can Now Get 4GB for 2K & 9GB for 3.5k


Airtel NG Android  1+1 offeris not a new introduced plan, it was launched in October  2014, but the plan has officially stopped working for a while By Airtel. It seems that Airtel have noticed that they are missing lots of their customers, since people are porting to other networks because of cheap data bundle. Now Airtel has re-introduced their Android 1+1 offer. You can now subscribe to Airtel 4GB with N2,000 and 9GB with N3,500, both last for 2months.
The subscription method is not changed, you can still subscribe with the old codes.
It's unfortunate that not all Airtel SIMs will be able to benefit from this 1+1 Android offer, to verify either your line will be among of eligible/qualified, just follow the below procedure:
*.Before you load the required amount to your Airtel SIM.
*.Simply dial*437*1#for the Android bundle of 4GB for N2,000 or dial*438*1#for the Android bundle of 9GB for N3,500
*.When you receive a message: “Dear customer, you do not have sufficient balance for this plan”, which means your line is eligible for the offer.
*.Proceed with the loading of required amount to your account.
*.But if after dialing the code, you get this message “Dear customer, you do not qualify for this plan”, don't load the money on it because it will not work for that SIM, but you can always try other Airtel SIMs at your disposal, definitely one would turn up for you or go for the Airtel  First Android  Bundle(AIS) which support all Sims.
After you have confirmed that your line is eligible, here are the procedure to get 4gb for 2k:
*.Load your Airtel line with N2,000 Airtime.
*.Then dial*437*1#.
*.You'll be credited with 4GB data bundle valid for 60 days.
*.To check your Android data balance, simply dial*223#.To Subscribe for Android bundle of 9GB for 3.5k
*.Load your Airtel line with N3,500 Airtime.
*.Then dial*438*1#.
*.You'll be credited with 9GB data bundle valid for 60 days.
*.To check your Android data balance, simply dial*223#.
Note:This Android 1+1 offer works on all devices, including iPhone/iPad, Windows phone, Symbian/Java phone etc...
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