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View Any Saved WiFi Password in Windows 7 or any PC (WiFi Tricks)

(This post was last modified: 05-25-2015, 06:21 AM by Spondulix. )

With this trick you can easily know saved wifi password in Windows 7 PC. If you forget your WiFi password , so you can easily access with this technique. One thing remember in your mind this is  not a wifi hacking tricks.

If you don’t know your friend wifi password , so you can easily know any wifi password from your friend computer. Now you know all the benefits for knowing this Windows 7 WiFi Password trick. This trick is very simple you don’t need any type of software or tools for knowing saved wifi password in windows 7.

Steps :-

1. Open Networking and Sharing Center.
2. In Left side you see Manage Wireless Networks , click on that.
3. Now in this Dialog box you see your Wifi Name. Choose your WiFi and right click on that, select properties.
4. Properties of your wifi open , select security tab, check show characters box. Now you see your saved wifi password in Windows 7 PC.

With this you can easily hack friend wifi password or neighbour wifi password.

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