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How to manually register BIS on an unlocked Blackberry

(This post was last modified: 07-03-2014, 11:05 AM by hovatek. )

If you have this problem on your blackberry,
follow the nstructions to get full data
services and email:
1. You need to have BIS on your line
2. Press ALT +aA + H on your home screen, then
go to http://www.zibri.org/2009/08/hidden-thin...-best.html to generate a code for your
blackberry secret menu
(you won't see the code on the screen as you type,
but just type it), this will give you access to the
engineering screen.
3. Go to Radio Engineering Screens (Multi) >
3GPP Radio Engineering Screens > GCF and
change these settings:
Sim Electrical Test to ON (your device will restart
for each of them)
4. Type alt+aA+h again and go to Radio
Engineering Screens (Multi) > 3GPP Radio
Engineering Screens > Utilities
a) Click on Ping self:
* If it says something like "ICMP ping received in 19ms", then you are cool, go to step b;
* If it says "can't open APN" , go to your normal
Advanced Option screen ( options > device > advanced Option) then scroll to TCP IP and check the box "APN Settings Enabled"
* If it says "Blackberry tunnel cannot open", turn
off and on your GSM network. If not, just input your
service provider's APN and then username and password if it applies.
b) Return to the engineering screen and go to the
place specified in no. 4. Change these settings:
HRT Enabled
Tmod ECN Enabled
c) Click on PS Detach (nothing will happen), check
Ping Self again it will say ICMP Failed
d) Click on PS Attach. You have to be patient here.
Wait for the registration message from RIM and
EDGE (not edge)
* The 2 last steps are very important, if nothing
happens after a few minutes, PS Detach and then
PS Attach right away (you can skip the Ping Self
step now), and then wait 3-5 mins. Do it again if
nothing yet.
After you see EDGE and a message from RIM, go to
Host Routing Table and Register Now. Congrats! You just did what Mobile companies won't
do. If your blackberry later starts to show sos and no network, try to choose your network manually. If it doesn't work, go back to Engineering Screens and
revert SIM Electrical Test to OFF. It'll reboot. See if
network comes. It should. If it doesn't return to
Engineering Screens and revert GCF NV Flag to
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