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How To Gain Permanent Root on T-Mobile G2 / Desire Z without ADB


This is a guide for permanently rooting a T-mobile
G2 with Visionary / gfree without the use of ADB .
First we use visionary program to achieve the
temporary root, followed by gfree to gain permanent
root. This procedure has been tested on G2 but
should also work with Desire Z as well.
Powered by the Qualcomm processor, HTC Desire
Z also known as the T-Mobile G2, is one of the best
slider keyboard Android phones available in the
market. The procedure of permanently rooting the
phone is a two step process. The first step involves
the Visionary program (named after the phone HTC
Vision / G2) to achieve temporary root and then
followed by gfree to achieve permanent root. In
case you have done an OTA upgrade to version
1.72 then first downgrade the firmware to the
original flash ROM.
1. The first step is to install Terminal Emulator
and a file manager from the Marketplace,
such as, Astro file manager.
2. Now insert the SD card to your computer and
unzip the “root_files.zip” file (download link
given at the bottom of this post) to this SD
card (a directory will be created called root_
files on the card). When done, unmount the
SD card from your computer. Make sure that
all the extracted files are directly inside the
root_files folder and not in another subfolder
inside it.
3. Enable unknown sources (under Settings –>
Applications) and USB Debugging (under
Settings –> Applications –> Development).
4. Using the file manager (we are using Astro
file manager), navigate to the root_files
directory on the SD card (created in step 2),
and select
“com.modaco.visionaryplus.r14.apk” to install
the Visionary app.
5. Launch the Visionary app and click on
“Temproot now”. Leave the other settings
6. Start the terminal app and type the following
$ su
# cp /sdcard/root_files/perm_root /data/local/
# chmod 777 /data/local*
# /data/local/perm_root
The first command changes the rights to super user,
the second command copies files to the directory /
data/local/perm_root, the third command changes
the rights of files in data/local, and the last
command launches the script.
As the program is executed you will see a number
of messages scroll by. Once you are returned to the
prompt in terminal, you will have permanent root, as
well as subsidy unlock and Super CID. Your phone
is now rooted and you can verify having permanent
root by holding the Volume down while powering on
the phone (see S-OFF in the first line of the
bootloader) or by installing SuperUser app from
Android market.
Download root_files.zip
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