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[Tutorial] How to fix a Windows Phone using Windows Phone Recovery Tool

(This post was last modified: 05-31-2015, 07:34 AM by Keslar. )

Attention! Before using this tool, ensure you've tried changing the SD card and doing a Hard Reset (read https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-3885.html )

The tool can be used to fix Windows phones that get stuck at the sad face icon :-( on a blue background

* The tool will erase all user data from the phone so ensure to backup first (Settings > Backup) then you can restore once the phone is fixed (Settings > Restore)
* The software requires an internet connection since it'll install the latest available OS to the phone so ensure you have a good internet connection

* Download Windows Phone Recovery Tool from http://download-fds.webapps.microsoft.co...taller.exe then install it on your PC (Windows 7 and above)
* Ensure the phone and PC's batteries are well charged
* Launch Windows Phone Recovery Tool

* If the phone is not automatically detected, disconnect all phones from the PC and click 'My phone was not detected' at the bottom of the dashboard
* If prompted, select the phone manufacturer
* Connect the phone to the PC via USB cord

* Wait for the PC to detect the connected phone and follow the on screen instructions.
* If the phone is not connected within one minute, you can try to restart the phone: Keep USB connected, press and hold the Power and Volume down keys simultaneously. Release the pressed keys when the phone vibrates
* Select 'Install software' to start installing the software to the phone
* Once the installation has been completed, the phone will restart.
* If the SIM has a PIN code, you will need to enter the SIM PIN code at this stage

Sent from my itel it1452 using Hovatek mobile

Thank you so much. The hard reset really work. The phone is now normal.

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