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[Tutorial] Easy Step To Connect To Glo 100mb/s Nigerian Airports Paid WiFi


Have you head about the glo wifi at Muritala Mohamed
International Airport? Few days ago, techcabal, techcity,
dailytrust and a host of others talked about the introduction
of a paid WiFi at Muritala Muhammed International Airport
Lagos by Globacom Nigeria with an incredible speed of
100mb/secs which could be accessible to all passengers in
the domestic and International wing of the Airport, using
their Mobile phones, tablet and other gadgets for a fee. But
without telling us categorically how to connect and make
use of this WiFi network.
Really, I was disappointed, embarrassed after hearing this
service was to be paid for when countries like South Africa,
offer free WiFi to not just passengers but everyman and to
all devices at their Airports. But since this is only starting
out, soon to be installed in all other 22 Airports in Nigeria,
let's see how it turns out.
How Do I Connect To This WiFi?
==>To connect, simply turn on your device Wifi.
==>Search for available WiFi network. Then click on the glo
paid wifi.
==>It will automatically connect without asking for a key/
==>Now launch your browser and try opening a website on
it. It should now redirect you to a separate place where you
will be asked to pay for it.
How Do I Pay For The Service?
You can pay using your already existing Glo data plan, via
recharge cards available at glo kiosks at the Airport or with
your ATM/credit cards
Looking back, its one great thing achieved. At least with the
long periods being wasted while waiting for your flight, taxi.
You can just use the little time to access the internet to
browse the recent happenings.

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