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How to root the T-Mobile HTC G2 in a few easy steps!
(This post was last modified:06-05-2014, 07:55 AM by hovatek. )

For people who like to tweak out their phone or
allow something simple as wireless tethering,
rooting it is the way to go. HTC has made the G2
root-able, but the root is gone when the phone is
rebooted. Luckily, the members over at the XDA
forum have made a solution for permanent root.
Download visionary from Here
On your G2, Go to Menu > Settings > Applications >
Development > Enable USB Debugging.
Also, Go to Menu > Settings > Applications > Enable
Unknown Sources
Transfer VISIONary to your memory card. Use a file
explorer (I use ES File Explorer) and install
Find VISIONary on your phone. Press TEMP root
and wait a minute. After that, press PERM root and
you now have a rooted G2!
To verify it is rooted, restart your G2 and see if
SuperUser is still installed.


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