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How To Backup Your Blackberry And Avoid Common Backup Mistakes

(This post was last modified: 08-15-2014, 08:30 AM by hovatek. )

They say you never know what you've got till its gone, we say you never know how many important contacts or files you've got till your device gets lost, damaged or stolen.
Its a good thing that some of our members are beginning to take their backups more seriously but quite a number just can't seem to get it right or end up creating corrupted backups.
In this brief guide, we'll explain how to easily backup your Blackberry and also top causes of corrupted Backups.

1. Document / Media Backup: This type of backup covers your music, videos, documents, etc. You could decide to back them up by syncing to cloud backup servers but this is not cost (megabyte) effective. A better alternative is to back them up to a PC. to do this:

* Connect the Blackberry to the PC
* Enable mass storage
* Copy the files to a safe location on the PC

Common pitfalls during Documents / Media Backup

* Moving the phone during copying: If you move the Blackberry in any way during backup, you risk interrupting the backup process. Yes, its possible to resume copying but copy resumption is one possible cause of corrupted files.
* Corrupted storage: If the memory card you make the backup to or the PC you send the backup to is having a corrupted storage partition (Read http://blog.hovatek.com/how-to-fix-repai...usb-drive/ ), then your backup is one step closer to being useless.
* Virus: You've heard of the recycler virus (Read http://blog.hovatek.com/how-to-recover-c...b-devices/ ) which turns files into shortcuts like porn, sexy etc right?
* Not testing the backed up files: Its not enough to copy the file(s) and think all is well without testing a few.

2. Contacts / Messages Backup: This type of backup covers your contacts, messages, memos, calenders, settings etc. You could use Blackberry Desktop Manager to make this backup but the Blackberry Protect app is easier and more convenient but maybe not as thorough (Read http://blog.hovatek.com/how-to-recover-a...-contacts/ ). To backup using Blackberry Protect:

* Download and install Blackberry Protect
* Launch the app and sign in using your Blackberry ID
* Choose what data is backed up
* Set your preferred backup interval
* You will be asked about location reporting. Ticking this box allows you to locate the Blackberry on a map
* Click Connect to finish setup
* On the main screen, click Backup now
* Your personal data will be automatically backed up.

Common pitfalls during Contacts / Messages Backup

* Not restoring to test: A Backup is only a true backup if it can be restored, else, its just a collection of 1s and 0s.
* Incompatibility: Backing up on one Blackberry (Desktop Manager method) and attempting to restore on a different model is a disaster waiting to happen.
* Low battery: You didn't see this one coming did you? Backing up on a low battery (especially when you start getting battery low prompts) is not a good idea due to higher chances of interruptions
* 100% doesn't mean its complete: Closing the backup wizard when you see 100% without seeing a confirmatory "Backup complete" message could be costly.
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