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How To Unlock and Open any Locked/Secured PDF file

(This post was last modified: 06-20-2015, 01:08 AM by kay4dam69. )

Just the other day i suffered to get download a hidden ebook from an
indian webpage, now i want to open it ,but its popping input pasword ,
i laughed.
Have you ever downloaded a PDF file and after downloading it, you
proceed to open it and you get a response that says "Enter Password"?
i guess it's the most annoying thing on earth at that moment.
especially when valuable information is included on the pdf document.
Today,i will be explaining a great method i found to unlock
every locked or protected pdf document. This post is a must read post,
if not for immediate practical purpose, then you must read it for
knowledge based purpose.
How To Unlock and Open any Locked/Secured PDF file
Do you have a PDF file which you cannot Print, Copy 0r Edit because
it's locked or protected then just
pay good attention to my words here and you are free as freedom it'self.
1. Get the pdf file and make sure u put it in a location with easy n
fast access.
2. Visit any of the below websites u want to use..
=> http://www.pdfunlock.com/
=> http://www.unlock-pdf.com/
3. After Selecting the pdf file you wish to unlock and then tick the
check box "i agree to terms and conditions below"
4. Finally click UNLOCK and allow the page to load you are good to go!!!
NOTE: This is a free service that will
-Remove PDF restrictions for copying, editing, printing & extracting.
- Support all version of Adobe Acrobat up to 9
- No Software Installation Required.
-Everything is strictly done online...
nice post

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