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[Tutorial] Details About Glo 1gb, 500mb, & 100mb For Just N100 By


Few days ago, Glo sent out a message concerning their new data plan of 1gb, 500mb, & and 100mb for just N100. And sofar there have been a lot of complaints about it. Some said they've tried subscribing but didn't get a response. And finally concluded its scam. But its 100% real. The message reads;

Get it easily, 1GB for N100valid for 15 days! Write 1 and reply, enter online world with this tremendous data bundle. Glo Unlimited!
Having done my research, I came to realise that;

==>The plan is only for selected subscribers.
==>Its actually a promo that will soon be cut short.
==>You can successfully subscribe to it only if you actually got the message from them.
==>Its 3 plans in total at same price of N100. That is 1gb, 500mb, and 100mb. It depends on the one they sent to you.
==>Once subscribed, it has a validity of 15 days (approx 2 weeks) whether used or unused.
==>To subscribe, you just have to reply the text you received with 1 or simply text 1 to 8070
==>After subscribing, if it was sucesfull you should get a message like this: Dear Customer, your 1 GB data bundle has been successfully activated

How To Check It?
Just dial *122*22#

This is only a way Glo is trying to appreciate its customers by encouraging those who don't browse with their Glo sim to actually start doing other wise. So if you didn't get the text, take heart as Glo bis is still working perfectly on Android with 3gb at #1000 for 1 month.

Did you get the text? Have you subscribed? Did it work for you? Pls let me know.
pls, hw can i get started with glo 3gb for 1k on my android device
i need step by step approach to use glo bis on my tecno p5+. pls, be genuine o so dat my 1k wil nt varnish like fart
read this... https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-1800.html

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