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How to fix the problem of a Tecno phone selecting things by itself / automatically
(This post was last modified:09-23-2015, 06:01 PM by hovatek. )

This is yet another Tecno issue that has caught our attention so we'll keep updating this thread. If you've noticed your Tecno phone opening / closing apps , typing or sliding the notification bar up and down really fast (flickering) by itself then here are some fixes to try:

Check for scratches / particles on the screen

Scratches / particles on the screen could trigger unpleasant touch events. Ensure to clean the screen with a soft damp piece of clothing

Sleep the phone for a few seconds

This is a temporary fix. When the auto-selection / flickering begins, press the power button just once to make the phone go to sleep then wake it up with the power button.

Wipe data / cache

Boot into recovery mode after backing up your contacts then wipe data / factory reset. Clear cache also

Re-flash the stock ROM

Download the stock ROM @ https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-311.html and flash it using SP flash tool @ https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-159.html


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