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Lets build Something Together


(09-17-2014, 01:07 PM)androgen Wrote: Hi. we can use github to share the work. and i think we seriously need to build custom kernels for our mtk devices

Yes, custom kernels for Tecno phones would be a dream come 2ru
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Hi. I gad an idea but i must say am new to app development tho. Well am thinking of a 3 in 1 app(a profiler,battery saver and memory manager(ram and the internal storage).like i said i cant develop the app all alone.so if you interested drop by and signify kus av gad a lotta ideas in here
@ thats nice hydronetboss.
So what we gona do is to make an App that would be able to initiAte extreme battery saving mode manually or through the use of a preset profile.for ips screens to save battery,the normAl screen brightness is lowered pass the stock limit,the cpu underclocked and undervolt as well as limiting data and wifi(depending on user) also freezing not recently used apps .and for amoled screen phones same procedure but the screen could be turned into a black background to save power
Then the profiler should let u set stuff like at 3 to 5pm dailly toggle on nfc activate power Saving mode etc one of the nokia features I missed buh its gona b a lot more advanced. Than that.and the memory management part manages the memory of the droid by freezing apps removing cached apps,freeing space,and should also includ a file explorer with zip support.#sighs#so who is up for a challenge

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