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How To Root the HTC Incredible 2 (ADR6350)

(This post was last modified: 08-26-2014, 06:02 PM by hovatek. )

Method 1: Unrevoked Method


* You must have the HTC drivers installed ( Download here )

* You must have adb installed ( Download here )

* A PC


1. Go to Unrevoked .
2. Chose your operating system and select download.
3. You will be prompted with a Beta key dialogue box. You will then be prompted for your operating system, what device you are using, Hboot version and serial number.
a. To get your Hboot version, power off your device and unplug the USB cable (if applicable).
b. Hold the volume down button and power button simultaneously.
c. Once in fastboot, your Hboot version should be two lines down. Enter that number.
d. To get your serial number, pull out the battery and locate the serial number sticker.
e. Enter that information in the serial number spot.
4. Select generate and copy the key to a word document.
5. Once downloaded, extract all contents to your sdk\tools folder.
6. On your phone, select menu.
7. Select settings.
8. Scroll until you see applications and select it.
9. Select unknown sources.
10. Select development.
11. Make sure USB debugging is checked.
12.Go back into settings.
13. Select power.
14. Make sure fastboot in not checked.
15. Plug your phone in via the USB cable.
16. Select disk drive.
17. Download the Clockworkmod recovery .
18. Place in your androidsdk\tools folder.
19. Download the superuser package and place on your desktop (do not extract).
20. Place the superuser.zip folder on the root of your sd card (not in and files or folders).

Running Unrevoked

1. On your computer, go to the start menu.
2. In the search field, type cmd.
3. Once the command prompt window opens, type the following, hitting enter once finished.

cd c:\androidsdk\tools

4. Once you are in your android sdk directory, type revolutionary.
5. Hit enter.
6. You will be prompted for your beta key now, copy and paste it into the command prompt.
7. Follow the prompts to run the program.
8. When the root program is down, it will ask you to install the clockwork mod recovery, select yes.
9. Once it’s done, (still in fastboot) scroll down to the recovery option and press the power button.
10. Once in recovery, navigate to the install zip from sdcard option and select it.
11. Select choose zip from sdcard.
12. Select the superuser zip and press power to install.
13. Once completely flashed, reboot.

Method 2: HTC Bootloader Unlock method


* A PC

* Fastboot and ADB ( Download here )

* HTC Drivers ( Download here )

* Android SDK ( Download here )

* USB cable


1. Head over to the HTC Developer site and create an account or sign in. Once you have done one of the two, click 'Unlock Bootloader,' then 'Get Started.' It will next ask you what device you are trying to unlock, click 'Droid Incredible 2' then 'Begin Unlock Bootloader.' A pop up window will ask you if you are sure, just click 'Yes.' Then, another pop up window will appear, just tick the two boxes and press 'Proceed to Unlock Instructions.'

2. Go to your phone. Take off the back battery door and remove the battery (don't hold the power button and make it a proper shut off, just rip the battery out. Then, put the battery back in. Once you have replaced the battery, hold the volume down button and the power button at the same time until a white screen shows up. You can use the volume rocker to highlight your selection, and the power button to select the highlighted selection. Right now, we want to highlight 'BOOTLOADER' and use the power button to select it. Next, grab your USB cable and plug it into your computer to your phone.

3. Next, make a folder on your computer in the C:\ Drive. In Windows Vista & 7, you can just go to Computer from the Start Menu and it will be labeled Local Disk (C:\). You can name the folder whatever you want, We're just going to name it Android for this tutorial. Next, download ADB, Fastboot, and ADBAPI.zip file and place all three files into the Android folder. After you unzip the ADB/Fastboot folder, download and install the Android SDK manager. You will need to install SDK tools (and I believe a version of Android) After you have installed everything, you can go to the Start Menu again and type in 'cmd' in the search bar and press enter. Then type in the following: (Or you could take the easy way of going to your C:\ drive and shift-clicking the folder and press 'Open Command Window Here...)

cd C:\Android

4. After you have got into Command Prompt and are in the \Android folder, type in the following:

fastboot oem get_identifier_token

You will then see a great big brick of random characters. Right click in the bottom right-hand corner of '<<<<< Identifier Token End >>>>>' and click 'Mark...' Hold down the left-mouse-button and select the great brick of text up until '<<<< Identifier Token Start >>>>' (don't highlight any of the 'INFO' things.) Then, right-click again and you will have the identifier token copied to your clipboard. Back on the HTC Dev site, it will ask you for your identifier; just paste the identifier in the box and it will send you an email with a .bin file (Unlock_code.bin) and just throw that into the folder with ADB and Fastboot.

5. Click the continue link that HTC Dev sent you as well to downloading the file. After you have finished downloading and put it in the folder, type in the following:

fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

Once you have done that and pressed Enter, your phone will change screens. It will ask you if you are SURE you want to do this. Just press the volume rocker up and press the power button. Your phone will reboot and take you back to Android. It's normal and it doesn't mean it failed... Your phone is fine and it should have went OK if you followed the steps. We are done with HTC Dev now, so you can close it.

6. Next thing is to flash ClockWorkMod (CWM) Recovery onto your phone. Download the .iso for CWMR and flash it to your phone. After you are done downloading the .iso, place it into your ADB and Fastboot folder. Once your phone has finished starting up, take the battery out again and put it back into HBOOT mode (step 2.) Go back into FASTBOOT (step 2, again) and flash the recovery by doing the following:

fastboot flash recovery recovery(press TAB)

Once you press enter and fastboot says it has completed, it will just have the Fastboot screen. Just highlight 'Bootloader' and press the power button. Next, to make sure it worked... Scroll down to 'Recovery' (which is right under Fastboot) and select it. The HTC screen should show and then CWMR should come to life.

7. This is where the real magic happens. We are going to install SuperUser on to your phone now. Reboot your phone into regular Android. Now, you can plug it into the computer and make it a disk drive or pop out the miniSD card and put it into a converter. Now, you are going to want to download SuperUser and put it onto the miniSD (I recommend not putting it in any folders so it is easy to find.) Now, put your phone back into CWMR (step 6.) Now, use the volume rocker to scroll down to 'install .zip from sd card' and press the power button. Now, find the SuperUser.zip (or whatever it is named) and press the power button. The 'yes' to install it is in the middle of all the 'no' options, use the volume rocker to select 'yes' and press the power button. Wait for CWMR to finish, and in the meantime... Just stare at your phone. After you have finished installing SuperUser, restart your handset into Android. Once it has finished restarting, go into the app drawer and find the SuperUser app. Press the 'menu' button and tap 'Settings.' Scroll down to 'Su Binary x.x.xx' and tap it. On the bottom it will say 'Update Binary,' just tap that and it will do its 'magic.' Once SU has finished updating Binary, you have a rooted DINC2.
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