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custom rom for mt 6572 samsung galaxy grand (gt-i9082) copy


Pls,.. I hv a Samsung galaxy grand (duos)......Bt ths happen to be an mtk phone instead of the original... 
..ths phone is running on mt6572 chip.... Bt the problem is tht,.. I can't install apps to the sd card...all app folders are in the internal storage which is jst 2.2gb .....no matter How I try to alter ths, I dnt get results.....  I want to install a custom rom on it (preferably cm rom) so tht i can customize as much as I want..... I hv searched for compatible roms to no avail... ... any rom I find is usually for the original grand... which ends up bricking ma Fon Co's they are two different fons ....

I need help to find a suitable custom rom for this cloned galaxy grad (duos).......any effort is appreciated.. 10x

E-mail: [email protected]


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