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(This post was last modified: 07-10-2015, 07:36 AM by X3non. )

Changing font in windows 7 and below is easy as abc but is trickish on win8 and above.
To successfully do this, follow the steps below carefully

N/B: Before we begin, you must be comfortable playing around with your Registry (regedit)

* Press WinKey + R
* type regedit and press enter
* navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics\

.png   1.PNG (Size: 77.47 KB / Downloads: 18)
* you should edit only items with "FONT" in their name. Example is in the pic below (editting Caption Font)

.png   2.PNG (Size: 88.91 KB / Downloads: 15)
* Now over to the tricky part (successfully editting the valuedata)
* DO NOT delete any dot mistakenly unless instructed to do so
* If the font name you intend to use is longer than the original font name
--count how many letters more then delete the same amount of dots from the end.
* Example replacing "segoe UI" with "bloody MT condensed"
--segoe ui has 8 characters (including the space) while bloody MT condensed has 19 characters
--replace all the characters one after the other.
--when there is no more character to replace, place the new characters in between the dots available.
--Now we need to delete some dots to replace the surplus characters we just added (19-8=11).
--delete 11 dots from the end part of the valuedata and finally click on OK
* if the font name you intend to use is shorter than the original font name
--count how many letters less then add the same amount of dots to the end.
* Restart your system

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