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I successfully flashed my MTN [email protected] S620 after it got bricked. But after that, have been having series of problems listed here
1. I can't send/receive SMS(s)
2. I can't make/receive Calls

1. I can browse wella (but can't setup whatsapp on my phone cause it will need a SMS verification.

What i noticed!!!
If i dail *#06# on the phone, it will show "INVALID IMEI"
In the settings of the phone at About Phone, all details are OK (details like: baseband, Kernel version etc.)

The Phone Shows "INVALID IMEI" and am here for help.

Thinking of flashing the phone again with the flashfiles am intending to download here.
Also the file nvram in the "data/data/nvram/md/NVD_IMEI/....." is okay.
Just a little break. i have fixed the problem. Thanks to hovatek as whole.
The idea of restoring the nvram backup via MTKDroid Tools was just my the right thought.
I restored the nvram.bin and nvram.tar as usual in the MTK Droid Tools and now my phone is now okay. Thanks.

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