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How to fix the problem of installing whatsapp plus (+) on Android phones

(This post was last modified: 12-24-2014, 04:04 PM by hovatek. )

Some of our members have complained about being unable to install Whatsapp plus (+) despite uninstalling the original Whatsapp. Even a factory reset doesn't seem to help as you would still get the "There is an existing package by the same name" error. The origin is that Whatsapp comes pre-installed on the OS so uninstalling it doesn't mean its completely gone. To resolve this issue:

* Ensure the phone is rooted
* Install a root browser like ROM Toolbox Lite
* Using the root browser, navigate to System > Vendor > Operator > App folder
* Delete Whatsapp.apk
* Uninstall Whatsapp and restart the phone (you could wipe cache partition too)
* Install Whatsapp plus (+)
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Thanks this has solve my problem on tecno R7 am so grateful.

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