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(This post was last modified: 09-21-2014, 09:17 AM by hovatek. )

admins are trying to help with ur problems, so be polite.
From my analysis, u were using 2.3 gingerbread stock rom before. So flashing an ics, jb or kitkat rom directly with cwm will not boot the phone properly.
So do this:
1. Download this: http://techerrata.com/file/twrp2/runnyme...nymede.img.
2. Go to your adb and fastboot folder and copy this recovery there. Remane to recovery.img. [.img] is the extension.
3. Make sure the phone is powered down. Hold the [Vol -] button and press the power button to boot to bootloader.
4. Plug in ur USB from PC and once FASTBOOT USB appears, type this in your command prompt from your adb/fastboot folder: FASTBOOT FLASH RECOVERY RECOVERY.IMG. Once its successful, power off. And reboot to Fastboot again. Select RECOVERY. Once TWRP is loaded, format SYSTEM, DATA, CACHE, DALVIK CACHE and Battery Stats.
5. Download an ICS HTC Sense Custom Rom and Mount Usb Storage, then copy the ROM into the internal SD Card. Click Install Zip from SDCard and select the ROM. Then Reboot and enjoy ur phone.
Ok thanx a lot
the HTC ics custom how will I kw the good one?
Plz help me confirm that stock Rom ics
I will post more link
(09-23-2014, 09:03 AM)Erase Wrote: http://d-h.st/nDh

Neither of the two you posted are meant for your phone. you need to get for your specific phone model. Try from this collection of Runnymede Stock ROMs @ http://androidruu.com/index.php?developer=Runnymede 
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Yeah. Click the above link
Plz how can i install the exe costom Rom I downloaded
(This post was last modified: 09-25-2014, 07:23 AM by androgen. Edit Reason: Forgot something... )
Its the Stock ICS HTC Sense ROM. You are going to run it on a Pc. Please use Windows 7 or XP. Using Windows 8 can break fastboot connection while flashing and might render ur phone useless. The ROM wizard will assist u with the process. Note: You will lose ROOT and ur bootloader will go back to S-ON. Reply if u have any pro.
Got an error that the Rom utilty can't access my android phone. It's ether the usb isn't connected to the android or the usb isn't connected to the pc.
And one of the instruction was to make sure that the phone is powered on and Ian debug should be enabled. How will I go about it
And once I plug the phone to charge it automatically boots into recovery mode

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