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(09-12-2014, 08:19 PM)adepeter Wrote: For the sp_flash tool shot, the screen remains same thing even after i click download & connect the bricked phone

the picture above is from MTK droid tools. the blue box means MTK droid tools can't get root access to your phone. this either means the phone is not rooted or the system partition is corrupted. This leaves sp flash tool as your major hope. you'll need to manually install vcom drivers on your PC using this guide @ http://forum.hovatek.com/thread-440.html for sp flash tool to detect your phone
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Reason why SP Flash didnt dectect your phone is bcos u didnt install Vcom driver on ur computer. You need to Download tecno Mediatek Vcom driver @ https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9srKhK...sp=sharing. [email protected] scatter file for ur phone, open sp [email protected] tool, click option & enable USB, click [email protected] file, select [email protected] u download place all the file [email protected] file require then connect ur phone with the battery remove. Click on the 1st option u see before firmware/upgrade on sp Flash tool. There click on format whole flash then click ok. after that, now change the recovery img to Clockwodmod img, ClockWodMod img for ur phone is on this site so download it here. after changing it, Now click on download buuton and d process will start, after it finish, remove ur phone, ur phone will boot into Clockwodmod recovery. Download keslar M3 custom Rom, put it into ur M3 sd card, put it back into ur phone then boot to recovery, there select install zip from sd card, locate Keslar custom rom, install it & wait it to finish then reboot ur phone. That all, ur phone should be back to life
Thank you all for efforts. Am going to do as you say & will drop feedback

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