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[Tweak] Update: Get & Enjoy MTN Free 2go 3GB Goodybag Bundle On Android & Pc

(This post was last modified: 07-23-2015, 06:29 AM by kay4dam69. )

This tweak is back and better. You can use SMS bomber to get times two the expected data (6gb).
I wouldn't be saying much. Since you all must have known how to tweak/change Android imei. So today's own is the imei to give you the whooping MTN Goodybag 3gb bundle or should I say 2go GB ( 60mb + 2929mb approx 3GB) lols.

How To Get The 2GO Free 3gb
==>1. Tweak this Imei86498101284 to do this, follow the instructions Here. After tweaking Text Lyte to 131 to get your 3gb. To check it, dial*559*6#
How To Use It On Android
==>1. This MB was meant for 2go app only. So to make it work on all your apps on Android, Open your Simple server and set
*.Inject host: wap.2go.im/s /ZZbedHGaCaCe jU7Ge/
*.Inject query/url: wap.2go.im/s /ZZbedHGaCaCe jU7Ge/
*.Port: 8080.For Laptops/PC Users
==>1. Set your modem to
*.Port: 8080

==>2. Open your pc simple server Config file and set
*.VALHDR0 = ' wap.2go.im/s/ZZbedHGaCaCe jU7Ge/'
*.IQUERY = ' wap.2go.i m/s/ZZbedHGaCa CejU7Ge/'
==>3. Now open your browser preferably Firefox. Goto network setting and set proxy and port as given above. Save and ride on till mama calls
==>It can be accumulated on a single sim
==>You receive 60mb + extra 3gb.
==>It lasts for 6months if not exhausted.
Confused? Don't be kindly use the comment box to table your problems!

pls help me wit a valued imei
Pipo ve almost exhaust it
...mah leave English..ah dun tweak 17 imei e nah still gree work. Got funny responses from my service provider...nag!! Like........."Dear customer, Please be informed that this offer has ended. To enjoy uninterrupted access to the MTN Network, please recharge with an all-in-one card. Thank you!"........ "Dear
customer, you are eligible for only one offer. Thank you".....Dear customer, you are eligible for only one Happy Link Bundle and 1MB daily data plan daily.....Dear customer, you are eligible for only one 2MB data plan daily....Y'ello!, you are not eligible for this offer. Please subscribe to any other MTN data plan to enjoy cheaper rates....IS THIS THING REALLY WORKING???... PLEASE DO REPLY. THANKS.
My modem glo bolt mf667 doesn't av space for Port. Pls, what can be done?

(08-29-2015, 07:46 AM)joas1 Wrote: My modem glo bolt mf667 doesn't av space for Port. Pls, what can be done?

@time you dont really need to change the ip and port...just make sure your using the right APN...
cunex try using a new sim
(09-01-2015, 11:12 AM)tlord Wrote: cunex try using  a new sim

Can it be done twice on a sim

Sent from my Infinix X507 using Hovatek mobile
(07-23-2015, 07:44 AM)akanwa Wrote: pls help me wit a valued imei

valued? dude seriously?

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