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How to unlock Bootloader on a HTC Android phone

(This post was last modified: 09-11-2014, 12:46 PM by hovatek. )


* Make sure your phone is fully charged
* Enable USB debugging in Settings > Developer options
* Have ADB and Fastboot installed on your computer (Read http://forum.hovatek.com/thread-588.html )
* Be sure to back up anything in the internal storage of your device because this process might wipe all data from your device
* Make sure you have the HTC drivers installed. If you installed HTC Sync , then they are already installed


* Go to HTCdev and create an account by clicking the REGISTER button
* Complete the registration and verify your email
* Login with your HTC account and then you should open the Unlock Bootloader web page
* Click the drop-down devices list and select All Other Supported Models
* Click Begin Unlock Bootloader. 
* A pop-up will appear and you need to confirm that you want to unlock the bootloader by clicking YES
* Accept all the legal terms and press Proceed to Unlock Instructions
* The new page will tell you to take 4 new steps: switch off your smartphone and make sure that it is disconnected from the PC
* After that you should press and hold volume down and power buttons until the phone restarts into Bootloader Mode
* Choose the Fastboot option and then you can connect your HTC with your PC
* Continue to the second HTCdev web page by clicking the Proceed to Step 5 button
* Now, you don’t need to apply the instructions that HTCdev tells you to
* Instead, you need to go to the Fastboot folder and press and hold SHIFT key, while at the same time you right-click on the white space of the Fastboot folder. 
* Select open command window here option from the context menu
* Windows Command Prompt window will now launch and you need to enter the following command line
fastboot devices

* This command will tell you if your device has been detected by your computer
* If it wasn't detected then the command window will not show any info and you will be forced to re-install the HTC Sync Manager and reboot the computer
* After that you will need to restart the entire tutorial. If the device was detected then you can get to the next step
* Now, go to the third HTCdev web page using the Proceed to Step 8 button
* Don’t close the command prompt window
* Follow all the steps that are listed on HTCdev third page and click SUBMIT when all actions are done
* If you successfully completed all the instructions you will notice that the Token Submitted Successfully! alert is now shown on the next web page. 
* An email containing the Unlock Key has been sent to you
* Check your email account and open the message from HTC
* Download the Unlock_code.bin file that has been attached to the e-mail
* When the file is downloaded successfully you should copy and paste Unlock_code.bin file in the Fastboot folder (fastboot folder should now hold 5 files)
* Go back to the Command Prompt window and enter the following lines in order to unlock the bootloader of your HTC:
fasboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

* The  HTC will get a request to Unlock Bootloader and you simply need to press Volume Up and select YES
* Press Power button to confirm
* The device will now restart and it will complete the factory reset process
* Disconnect the phone from PC
* That’s it, you’ve successfully unlocked your HTC bootloader

 Note: You can verify that the phone’s bootloader has been unlocked by powering off the device. After that you need to boot into Bootloader Mode by pressing Volume down and POWER. In Bootloader mode you will notice the ‘UNLOCKED’ text at the top of your phone’s display, which means that this guide was successfull.
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