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How To Unlock iPhone 4 For Free

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How To Unlock iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s For Free

We are well aware that there are many services out there, offering far too many tools promising how to unlock your iPhone 4 for free . However, we are not one of them. We do not ask for loads of money, nor do we do something illegitimate. We are here to help the many annoyed users of locked iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. Normally you will be facing this problem if you bought your device from the AT&T provider, and now you can only use their SIM card and comply to their terms and conditions, no matter if you like it or not.

How To Use iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s Unlocker Software 

As we mentioned earlier, we are here to help you and you are here to finally have your iPhone 4 unlocked as it was right after it came out of the factory.
We don’t want to sound cliché, but we would only ask one thing of you. it is nothing big, though. The thing we want from you so that we can complete the unlock process is your IMEI number. You have probably noticed it before and wondered what this number is for. Well, it is the identification card of your phone and you can see it printed on the box of your device or behind the battery.

How To Unlock iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s via IMEI 

Now that we know and have the IMEI number lets hurry on.
Visit the unlock portal of AT&T and fill in the form. One of the regular questions will be about the IMEI and here is where you use it. Enter your IMEI number and a valid e- mail address. Please check your email in the following days because here you will be sent the unlock code. Just in case check the spam/ junk folder too.
So, you have the unlock code, but you will need to do a few more super easy things which are: download and install iPhone 4 unlock tool and connect your device to your pc. The last steps of the process are just a few clicks: clicks unlock now, enter the unlock phone and throw away your old SIM card if you don’t want it anymore. This is the best how to unlock iPhone 4 guide and tool available for free download on internet.
What of iPhone 4s locked to Vodafone sim? I don't have the details of the original buyer to apply for unlock code. Can this software unlock it?

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