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LG L5 II E450F


(09-27-2014, 03:54 PM)onilink90 Wrote: I mean the lg software is very difficult to flashing cause in two time I brick my lg phone and the flashing software is the same as they have if dont they have the security brick is really a headache and that doesnt working for that reason I leave my phone to a center that have boxes of flashing phones and they solved but they changed the original imei doesnt work
For that reason I told you if you can investigate about the lg software cause if the phone is mtk I think have different things

do you have the original stock ROM (.kdz) for your phone model?
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Yes but I have issues because I use the tool lg sotware downloader but with that tool show me a v10C stock rom but when I flash the Lg brick because they have that protection and the unique method that the LG E450F continue function is to flashing the rom V10A.kdz the roms have that problem the kdz extension and I dont know how to extract correctly that roms
Since u want to restore ur original imei, u could use MTK Droid Tools to do that.
I used that but doesnt work try them and talk the lg software is really weird

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