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Project Jericho (Custom Kernels for MTK Android phones)


found a linux script that works on ubuntu for extracting initramfs from the zimage


i extracted the contents of my zimage from my tecno q1 boot.img.i wll attach it for you guys to check.

i cant attach it here, so here is the upload

I'm using the Android One phone variants as my source. What did u want me to do for you on your Tecno Q1 using your files @emmaus...?
as i am a novice, i want to hear what others think is important, since this is the heart of the kernel. i already have the sources i want to port, but i cant seem to fnd the right files or drivers among the ones included.(mediatek(maybe all android) sources have a lot of drivers packed into it.also you might want to use the scripts for extracting your kernel.
Did u want to port a ROM (with higher android version) compatible with your phone or you want to build from scratch like CyanogenMod...
i want to port a kernel, not a rom( that will be later) cyanogenmod dont have any port for a similar mt6577 device. i am porting from a device with the same mt6577 chipset as my q1 (micromax a110).porting from a custom ics kernel source, but i am having problem identifying the correct drivers to link, both from my device and among the drivers in the source.
heard that you can find the name of the drivers for your device if you browse throgh the piggy file with an programming notepad
We've successfully ported a 4.4 kernel to Tecno M3 4.2 Old OS. This boot.img is stable when flashed alone to Tecno M3 4.2 Old OS phones and also after upgrading to 4.4 (though we're still fixing a few bugs in this upgrade ROM). Next up are kernel tweaks. The same method will be applied to other Tecno 4.2 phones to upgrade (not theme as most develoeprs have been doing) them to 4.4 after which we'll be focusing on 5.0 ROMs
Download @ https://hovatek.com/redirect.php?link=ht...t=download to test (Old OS 4.2 Tecno M3 only)
* Ensure you backup your boot.img before flashing just in case.
bug reports are welcome
can you post the tecnique so that those whose phones are on 4.0.4 and 4.1 can port theirs.
(03-02-2015, 05:57 PM)emmaus Wrote: can you post the tecnique so that those whose phones are on 4.0.4 and 4.1 can port theirs.

we'll do that once the project is completed. still need to double-check all techniques

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