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[Please help] please my infinix zero could not see sim after installing lollipop rom


(08-24-2015, 09:55 AM)Toskoas2 Wrote: Pls i am copying d stock backup I did so I can flash d FONE wit it but I don't Knw d file file Preloader and Ebr is only 1 file instead of files DT I downloaded here.....pls enlighten me and Hw can I get nvram backup since I don't HV on my backup and my frnd will not allow me to do DT wit his FONE .......thanks

forget about NVRAM for now.
do you have a working phone of the same model there?
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I have d backup of my fone I did sometimes ago here and a working fone too...and pls how can I get the Preloader from the backup as well as Ebr2.....thanx
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Thank God and HOVATEK my FONE is now working , everything is now in order.....may God bless you....am happy to b part of dS great forum.....thanks all

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