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My Tecno rejects privacy protection password after seding fetch back anti-theft pin


My phone is Tecno phantom Z(Tecno A7) running on android 4.4.2 kitkat
My phone no longer accepts my privacy protection password after i did the following
Note: i had earlier enabled Mobile anti-theft on my phone.
1) i sent Remote phone lock message via my emergency contact to my phone( The message is #suoding#) 
my phone actually locked and i used my privacy protection password to unlock it. then i sent the remote phone lock message again,it actually locked again but this time i didn't unlock it with my privacy protection password rather
2) i sent Fetch back anti-theft pin message which is #mima#, i  then entered my privacy protection password to unlock my phone but my phone this time around rejected my privacy protection password,i entered my privacy protection password countless times and it still rejects it.i did hard reset but it didn't solve the problem.
I humbly Request for permission to download the stock Rom for my Tecno phantom Z (Tecno A7).
Thanks in advance
my email is [email protected]
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