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How to setup a working folder in Android Kitchen


If you've not setup Android Kitchen then follow this guide @ http://forum.hovatek.com/thread-647.html to do so.


* PC
* Android Kitchen
* Custom ROM OR Boot.img + System.img


Launch Android Kitchen

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_1.jpg]


cd kitchen

then press enter

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_2.jpg]



then press Enter

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_3.jpg]

Wait for Android Kitchen to initialize

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_4.jpg]

Android Kitchen should present you with a Menu

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_5.jpg]

Press 1 (to select option 1 which is Setup a working folder from a ROM) then tap Enter

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_6.jpg]

Tap Enter to proceed

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_7.jpg]

Select the option which corresponds to the file(s) you wish to use to setup your working folder then tap enter

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_8.jpg]

Enter y / n (If you're not sure, always enter the default option as suggested by (default: value)  )

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_9.jpg]

Wait for the process to run. If you're prompted to make a choice of how you wish to extract system.img, select the recommended option or the option that can extract from more than one file system type.

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_10.jpg]

Ex2Eplore should get launched

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_11.jpg]

Click on File at the top

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_12.jpg]

Click Open Image

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_13.jpg]

In the window that pops up, navigate to the working folder > system and select the system image

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_14.jpg]

Highlight the file path in the left pane by clicking it once. It should turn blue when highlighted

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_15.jpg]

Click the unpack icon (curved green arrow) at the top

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_16.jpg]

In the window that pops up, navigate to the system folder, select it then click OK

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_17.jpg]

Wait for the unpacking to be complete then close Ex2Eplore

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_18.jpg]

Tap Enter to proceed

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_19.jpg]

Wait for the process to be complete

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_20.jpg]

Type n then tap Enter

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_21.jpg]

Tap Enter to Finish

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_22.jpg]

Open the Working folder in the Kitchen folder

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_23.jpg]

Your Working folder should have been setup (comprising of the Meta-INF folder, System folder and Boot image )

[Image: how_to-setup_a_working_folder_in_android_kitchen_24.jpg]

How to use the working folder after successful creating it.
(03-25-2015, 12:13 PM)biosoftech Wrote: How to use the working folder after successful creating it.

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