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[Downloads] i cant do anything on my android phone because i deleted everything after rooting it


Due to the wrong i did to my phone(mtn s720i android kitkat 4.4.2 processor speed is 1GHz and ram is 512mb) by deleting everything(i mean everything) in the phone after i must have rooted it. Sorry to say,rooting my android has been my dream. Fortunately for me i did it myself! So i in happiness and with joy started deleting everything i see in the phone with the aim of freeing my ram. It became a tragedy that i cant dail, type, do anything with the phone because nothing was left. I tried backing up files using the recovery method, but all to my waste effort. It happened that i made no back up after rooting my phone. Hummm.... I read online that i can either flash the ROM or update it if i have that same phone model around. I will be glad if the two permissions will be allowed. I mean telling me how i can update it with the same phone cos my elder brother has the same phone. To me, i would prefer flashing the phone. That is/was why i needed the stock rom. Again the phone doesnt accept apk file when trying to send via bluetooth and on flash share it does not receive if the storage target is to sd memory, except the phone memory. Help!!To crown it all, i say "God bless hovatek and members"
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