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[Tutorial] How to load / top up a SWIFT account


What are the supported payment methods for Swift Nigeria?

* Swift Voucher (Recharge cards)
* Naira Mastercard
* eTranzact
* Visa Debit card
* Verve
* Paga
* Bonus balance

How to recharge your SWIFT account 

* Buy a SWIFT recharge card
* Connect to your SWIFT modem, LAN or Wi-Fi
* Visit http://swiftng.com/Account/LogOn and login (You can get full access to their website whether or not you have data left)

[Image: How-to-load-top-up-a-SWIFT-account-1.jpg]

* From the Home screen, Go to Account Management > Make Payments > Top up and click Top up 

[Image: How-to-load-top-up-a-SWIFT-account-2.jpg]

* Under Payment Partner, select the means you wish to use to recharge your Swift line / account

[Image: How-to-load-top-up-a-SWIFT-account-3.jpg]

* For Swift Voucher, enter the recharge card pin. For multiple recharge cards, enter the pins separated by commas (,)

[Image: How-to-load-top-up-a-SWIFT-account-4.jpg]

* For Bonus Balance, any Bonus Balance you have will appear once selected

[Image: How-to-load-top-up-a-SWIFT-account-5.jpg]

* For the rest, enter the amount you wish to recharge

[Image: How-to-load-top-up-a-SWIFT-account-6.jpg]

* Click Next to proceed
* The remaining steps will vary with the payment method you selected above so just follow the payment wizard / prompts to finalize payment and account recharge
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