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[Tutorial] How To Fix Invalid IMEI on Samsung Galaxy S4 (GTI9500) and other Android phones


Many People have complained about this so I think it's best to provide a solution to it. In this tutorial you'll be needing the stuffs below. This invalid imei probably occurs when the phone's imei has been tampered users are likely to get affected by this.

1. A Good Android phone with these apps ( chamelephon and flash share )
2. A PC with Mtk Droid Tools
And I root installed.

3. Your Brain

Make sure USB debugging is enabled . To set up USB debugging Go to Settings>Applications and mark the box beside USB debugging.


1. Open MTK droid tools on your PC
2. Plug in the affected S4 via USB
3 Use MTK Droid Tools To Analyze the phone .
Check if the phone's firmware is original and if it matches what's displayed on the screen.

4. Open the iroot app.
5. Click on root to root the phone
6. When it displays successfully rooted. Unplug the phone from the pc then restart it.

7.Transfer Chamelephon to the S4 via flash share or Bluetooth.

8.Install Chamelephon and grant it root access.

You'll see Two boxes FOR SIM1 & Sim2. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is not a dual Sim phone so simply tap Generate Imei then apply it. If you need an IMEI number you can use the comment box to request for it.

However if you have an imei number that you wish to change the existing imei number to. You can do that by tapping generate imei. Then edit the first imei. If the app shows an X sign ,it means that the imei you entered is invalid but if it shows a green sign you can simply click on apply imei.

Restart the phone. It should be OK.


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