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How to fix the "cant establish a reliable connection to the server" error

(This post was last modified: 10-26-2014, 05:33 PM by hovatek. )

If you encounter this error while trying to use a google service / app then consider the following fixes:

Check your internet connection

It's possible that your internet connection is poor. You could also try connecting over Wi-Fi.

Set Sync to include mobile networks, not Wi-Fi only

Go to Settings > Data usage > Select the app / service > Untick it to make it unrestricted

Clear cache

Go to Settings > Apps > All. Select the app / service then clear data and cache

Restart the phone

Try rebooting the phone. Might just be a minor app error

Check date and time settings

Ensure your date and time are correct

Uninstall recently installed apps

Some apps like freedom affect google playstore. Try uninstalling recently installed apps. In extreme cases, do a factory reset in recovery mode

Edit system/etc/hosts

If the phone is rooted then using a root explorer like ROM Toolbox Lite, navigate to system/etc/hosts . Edit the hosts file by adding # in front of the IP address there then save. The Edited file should look like this: localhost
# android.clients.google.com

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