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ps3 dualshock for android prob

(This post was last modified: 01-12-2015, 10:41 PM by hovatek. )

Hi i just bought a new dualshock3...i dont have a ps3 ...i want to use it for android and laptop....the main problem is i cant get it to charge or on.....when i plug it into laptop or usb adapters it just blinks red lights1234 like 10 times and d light goes off.....any solutions or. Advice
Is it PC-Compatible in th.e first place? Have u installed the drivers? If u have and the problem still persist, return it!
Yh people said its compartible with pc... Looking for the drivers nw
It should be charging(I fink) the red lights(1234) blink contiously .....the work around is.....(I use windows 8 oh so it might b kind of different but its worth a shot)
Go to device manager
Then go to human interface devices
Then plug the controller
Then disable "HID-
compliant game controller" done...I think that should fix it for now

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