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Headline: Itel features Android 8.0 Oreo; launches the Itel S42, A44 & A44 Pro... LEARN MORE (Mar, 2018)
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The appreciation wishes for a team member is sent to a particular member of an entire team for the effort and hard work the member has entrusted for a particular project. The wishes can be sent through cards, text messages or mails. The mails sent can be marked to all the members of the team which would make the particular team member happier and realize that his effort is recognized well.
“It is to announce that the effort of team hovatek in the demo project has been recognized and earned rewards for us. His effort has been appreciated and on behalf of the team I extend thanks and best wishes for his work and future.”

“I extend a big thank you to the team involved in dual project for their effort and the hard work they have provided in it. The project has been successful and recognized as one of the best hack website i have ever seen. I gladly appreciate your effort and thank you again for the same.”

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Yay i love dis website i do really appreciate their efforts

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