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[Tutorial] Finding the right RUU for your HTC phone


To find the right RUU for yourself, you need to know two things:
Your CID & corresponding region code
Your Current software version

To find your CID:

You will need sdk & and drivers, please take a look here. If you already have it, continue.
Reboot to bootloader powering down the phone & then Holding Vol down + Power button
Connect your phone to the PC while in the bootloader. The phone should say fastboot USB, if not, select fastboot on the phone & check if it says fastboot USB, if not, change the USB port you are using.
Navigate to the tools folder located inside android-sdk folder
Hold down shift and right-click anywhere in the empty space inside the window.
Select the option: Open command window here.
Next, type:

fastboot getvar cid

You will now be shown your current CID.

To get provider/location code

Note down your CID and check corresponding provider/location
Here is a list of variants:
x.xx.61.x - Orange UK (United Kingdom)
x.xx.69.x - Orange PL (Poland)
x.xx.73.x - Orange FR (France)
x.xx.75.x - Orange ES (Spain)
x.xx.110.x - T-Mobile UK (United Kingdom)
x.xx.111.x - T-Mobile DE (Germany)
x.xx.113.x - T-Mobile CZ (Czech Republic)
x.xx.161.x - Vodafone UK (United Kingdom)
x.xx.163.x - Vodafone FR (France)
x.xx.165.x - Vodafone IT (Italy)
x.xx.168.x - Vodafone GR (Greece)
x.xx.206.x - O2 UK (United Kingdom)
x.xx.401.x - World Wide English (Europe Unbranded)
x.xx.415.x - Arabic (UAE/Middle East)
x.xx.468.x - Turkey
x.xx.497.x - Morocco
x.xx.498.x - WWE Brightpoint US (United States)
x.xx.531.x - T-Mobile US (United Kingdom)
x.xx.666.x - Bell Canada
x.xx.707.x - Asia WWE (World Wide English)
x.xx.709.x - Asia TW (Taiwan)
x.xx.720.x - Asia India
x.xx.771.x - Hutchison 3G UK (United Kingdom)
x.xx.841.x - Telsra WWE (World Wide English)
x.xx.862.x - Voda-Hutch AU (Australia)
x.xx.901.x - TIM IT (Italy)
x.xx.911.x - SK Telecom (South Korea)
x.xx.1400.x - HTC China
x.xx.1403.x - HTC China CMCC (China Mobile Communications Corporation)

To find your software version

If you have S Off, this doesn't matter, but you should always try to flash the RUU having same main-version as the current one on your phone to avoid most problems.

Go to "Settings" > "About phone" on your device.
The right software version for you is any version higher than this.

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